The Clinical Picture from the Chinese Medicine (TCM) Point of View

Back Ailments

Low back pains, lumbocostal ischialgia, cervicobrachialgia

According to general belief, back pains belong in the hands of orthopaedists. Osteochondrosis, prolapse of invertebral disks, spondylolisthetic spine, etc. are the diagnoses. The treatment of such skeletal damage is through surgical intervention. Chiropractors are increasingly being called in because they often know how to manually correct irregularities from the outside. The success of their methods opens up new questions. This success has less to do with the state of bones and joints but more with the condition of the muscular apparatus.
Chinese medicine sees back pain on a much wider horizon and in its teachings the tone of muscles is an important field. The state of tissue is another parameter of importance. Metabolism processes and their excretory processes are observed. Connections between back pain and the cycle of a woman are taken seriously in Chinese medicine. Last not least, the individual history of back pains suffered now are examined. Very often, problematical courses of infection, the beginning of which can go all the way back to childhood, are the origin of persistent back pain.
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